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The above mentioned terms and conditions apply to any sale. The buyer is supposed to accept them by the simple fact of purchasing items on the website of Librairie Thalie. Should you be unable to respect those terms and conditions, then you have to mention it in writing to the bookshop.

All the disagreements that could follow a sale will exclusively be submitted to the jurisdiction of the court of Liège.

Description of the item

The photographs of the items do not fall into the contract. The items are put on sale with their imperfections and defects. Should there be any mistakes in the descriptions on the catalogue, then it will not be allowed to put the responsability of Librairie Thalie on the line. The displayed prices can change without notice.


The systems of automatic registering are considered as being the evidence of the nature, contents and date of the order. Librairie Thalie confirms the acceptance of the order by sending an e-mail to the address the buyer will have given. The sale will not be closed before the payment procedure is completed.

Librairie Thalie reserves the right to cancel any order coming from a customer with whom there would be a litigation relating to the payment procedure of a previous order. The information mentioned by the buyer while ordering commits him : should there be a mistake in the consignee’s contact details, then it will not be allowed to hold Librairie Thalie responsible for its potential impossibility to deliver the item.


Your goods will be delivered by a professional courier service provider chosen by the bookshop and sent by priority (parcel tracking). The possible delays do not entitle the buyer to claim damages. In case of visible defects the buyer has the right to return the item according to the terms defined in this document. The goods are always transported at the consignee’s own risk. The buyer will check the parcel as soon as he receives it.

For availability reasons, an order can be delivered in instalments. The buyer will pay for each delivery. If the buyer prefers to have two delivery addresses, he will place two different orders, with the inherent delivery fee.


The buyer has 14 days to form an opinion. In case of exchange or refund, he will send the item(s) back in its/their original and intact packaging at his own expense at the following address : Librairie Thalie, Place du XX août, 16/003 à 4000 Liège (Belgique). In case of exchange, the cost of the new consignment will be entirely payable by the buyer. If a parcel is lost, an inquiry is asked from the courier service provider. Only the result of this inquiry will allow the refund of the sums payed by the buyer.

Pricing and payment methods

The price is expressed in euros. The price of the items mentioned in the catalogue does not include the shipping fees. The price mentioned in the order confirmation is the final price, inclusive of all taxes. This price includes the price of the items, the manufacturing, packaging and maintenance cost as well as the shipping fees.
The buyer can pay for the value of his order either via direct and safe payment thanks to a credit card, or by national or international bank transfer on the account of our bookshop.


This contract is submitted to Belgian law. Librairie Thalie cannot be held responsible for any damage of any nature, both material and immaterial or physical, which could result from the malfunctioning or the misuse of the items put on sale. The responsibility of Librairie Thalie will – in any case – be limited to the value of the order and could not be blamed for simple errors or omissions which may have remained despite all the precautions taken in the packaging of our items. In case of problems with the contract implementation, the buyer can – before any legal proceedings – try to find an amicable settlement, especially with the help of a professional association of the field, of a consumer organisation or of any other advice of his own choice. It is worth noting that the search of an amicable settlement does not stop the "short" legal guarantee period nor the duration of the contractual guarantee. Moreover, generally speaking and subject to the appraisal of the Court, the respect of this contract provisions related to the contractual guarantee implies that the buyer honours his financial commitments towards the seller. Complaints or disagreements will always be received with attentive benevolence, presuming good faith from the one who takes the trouble to outline his situation. In case of litigation, the customer will – as a matter of priority – address the company to reach an amicable settlement. Failing that, only the Commercial Court of Liège is competent, no matter the place of delivery or the payment method authorized.


In any case, it will not be allowed to hold Librairie Thalie responsible for the non-respect of the regulatory and legislative terms of the contract applicable in the country of reception. The responsibility of the bookshop is systematically limited to the value of the implicated item, value assessed at the date of sale and this without possibility of recourse towards the brand or the production company of the item. Should there be a problem, then the buyer can send an e-mail to our customer service (

Legal notice

It is compulsory to give nominative information when you want to buy something remotely, this information is indeed essential to the placement and delivery of the orders, the invoicing and the drawing up of a contract of guarantee. The lack of information leads to the cancellation of the order. The buyer has the right to access, amend, edit and personal data. He can exercise this right to the bookshop. Besides, Librairie Thalie commits to never giving – for free or with financial compensation – its customers’ contact details to a third party.