David Charles, libraire de la Librairie Thalie Oeuvres de Rabelais illustrées par A. Robida Les brulots de la peur



One day in September 2015, Librairie Thalie laid down its boxes full of old books and documents inside the magnificent restored building of the Emulation, which has - since 2013 - housed the Théâtre de Liège, located at the heart of the Cité Ardente.

Probably unique in Belgium and perhaps in Europe, the association of an old and modern bookshop with a cultural area devoted to theatre and contemporary dance invites discovery, therefore surprise, therefore beauty and emotion. A harmonious dialogue then develops between a multidimensional world with a global oulook and a place still inhabited by authors, artists and creators from the past who – in their own way – talk to us about the man of today.
“The present is made of distortions of the past and imprecise sketches of the future. And no matter what we do, the present is nothing but a vast and noisy make of the past.” 

Pierre Reverdy, Le Livre de mon bord, Paris, Mercure de France, 1948


Librairie Thalie is a bookshop that wishes to give his costumers old and modern books which cover all the areas of knowledge.
Nevertheless it specialised in literary and artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.
In order to satisfy a demanding and refined clientele, it selects rare and precious books, original copies in limited deluxe edition, books illustrated by prestigious illustrators and/or artists published in small amounts, signed works, documents, works of art, letters, manuscripts and photographic portraits of men and women who meant and still mean a lot in the artistic and literary history of this productive period.
All the books and documents displayed on the website and in the bookshop are known to be in very good condition and verified as being complete, unless stated otherwise.


Would you like to purchase a rare book, amass a personal library, a collection of autographs or a homogeneous set of old books ? Are you a private individual or a company ? Do not hesitate to contact us ! Because not all the books and documents offered for sale are on the website.

Should you have a specific request, then we will do our best to meet your expectations. We are at your service.


Would you like to sell or assess a book, a collection of autographs, of plates or any collection ? We suggest that you contact us so that we could give you freely the information you are seeking as well as, if necessary, a purchase proposal or advice to help you find another specialized bookshop. The more accurate the description, the easier the assessment.

For a substantial batch, please send us an e-mail with an accurate list and – if possible – pictures of the whole set.

We insist on the fact that a book or a document, no matter how old, does not necessarily have a value that is on a par with its age. A whole range of elements are taken into account in an assessment : condition, binding, rarity, etc. Consequently, do not systematically rely on your research on the Internet ! Because the labelled price of a book today does not mean that it will be sold for this price tomorrow : it fluctuates according to the interest and trends of the moment in bibliophily.