Secure payment and withdrawal

The price is expressed in euros. The price of the items mentioned in the catalogue does not include the shipping fees. The price mentioned in the order confirmation is the final price, inclusive of all taxes. This price includes the price of the items, the manufacturing, packaging and maintenance cost as well as the shipping fees.
The buyer can pay for the value of his order either via direct and safe payment thanks to a credit card (for instance Paypal), or by national or international bank transfer on the account of our bookshop.

The buyer has 14 days to form an opinion. In case of exchange or refund, he will send the item(s) back in its/their original and intact packaging at his own expense at the following address : Librairie Thalie, Place du XX août, 16/003 à 4000 Liège (Belgique). In case of exchange, the cost of the new consignment will be entirely payable by the buyer. If a parcel is lost, an inquiry is asked from the courier service provider. Only the result of this inquiry will allow the refund of the sums payed by the buyer.