Privacy Laws


Librairie Thalie commits itself to guarateeing the confidentiality of its visitors and customers' personal data.

Volatile aspect of the data gathered on the website

In order to deal with your order, we need to know and memorise some of the parameters conveyed by your computer : we need to know who you are and the items you are buying. Our cookies being "volatile", once your order is placed, this information is automatically deleted. There is therefore no need to worry.

Protection of personal data

As an online retail site, our bookshop gathers a certain amount of information that is necessary to deal with orders.
We handle those data with strict confidentiality.
Besides, you have to keep the login and password used on the website of Librairie Thalie safe. Indeed, for the sake of the protection of personal data, we are not able to access this information.

Respect of European regulations

In accordance with the European directives, you have the right to access, amend, edit and your personal data. You can exercise this right by sending us a letter at the following address :
Librairie Thalie, Place du XX août, 16/003 4000 Liège (Belgique)